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Avid travelers rejoice! Your time has finally come…to your smartphone.

An Isle of Man travel agency by the name of the Online Regional Travel Group has just launched what just might be the world’s very first worldwide travel agent for smartphone devices.

The technology is available on their website, empowering visitors to utilize the site’s many tools for easily searching and booking (and paying for, by credit card) travel arrangements all over their smartphones. realme 5

Obviously the convenience and usefulness of this technology is without question.By at least one count, already 20% of population of the U.K. has internet access through their cell phones. Its innovation seemed only a matter of time.

What merits real question is is why doesn’t this already exist? Just a simple Google search for Smartphone Travel will show you how meager the selection travel tools for smartphones really is (mostly currency converters, world clocks, translators, and GPS-related software. And with companies like Orbitz and Travelocity and Priceline eating up the online travel industry, why has it taken this long for a company to make such services available over the smartphone, today’s PC?

The reason is actually quite simple: flight information is updated constantly, making it extremely difficult to provide through most distribution channels with any reasonable due haste.

Having said that, it seems that Online Regional, while none too late in the game, just may not be the first. British Airways just announced recently that users of the Apple iPhone 3G can now book their flight arrangements with BA through their iPhones.

An additional appeal of the JustTheFlight mobile software that gives travelers a good idea of what they can expect from all the competing global travel sites for mobile devices that will undoubtedly start cropping up all over now, is all the extra features it offers. By using the site’s application on your smartphone you can view updated airline news and travel news, study up on various holiday guides and destination guides, and read all the latest travel-related feature stories. It’s like an in-flight magazine on-demand over your smartphone.

Further, business tavelers and corporate customers can look forward to enjoying multilingual and multi-currency options, along with a bevy of other tools to make busines travel easier and more enjoyable.

As we mentioned already, seeing it now, it seems like it was only a matter of time before such a utility existed for smartphones, so much so that it forces one to ask, “What took it so long?” As JustTheFlight makes abundantly clear, before long we will all be handling all our travel arrangements through our smartphones. And travel agents, alas, may go the way of home milk delivery.

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